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A server room for web hosting

What is Web Hosting?

What is Web Hosting? 1920 672 Sugar Apple Marketing

What is…a website? Before we sort out what web hosting is, we need to quickly review what a website really is. A typical website has three parts: a domain name,…

The GoDaddy NASCAR vehicle

The Problem with GoDaddy

The Problem with GoDaddy 1900 1267 Sugar Apple Marketing

GoDaddy seems great at first. GoDaddy has become famous as one of the biggest domain registrars and web hosts in the business. They offer four tiers of service for web…

A screen displaying SEO data.

What is SEO?

What is SEO? 1920 1280 Sugar Apple Marketing

This is the first part of a multi-part series exploring “SEO”: what it is, how it’s done, and why you should care. You’ll learn about some of the easiest ways…

Security and SSL

Security and SSL 1920 640 Sugar Apple Marketing

What is SSL/TLS/HTTPS? Why do I need it? Web developers love acronyms and initialisms. Any discussion of security should start with definitions for some of the commonly used terms. SSL, or…

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