Branding and Graphic Design

What is branding?

Branding can be split into two categories: visual branding and message branding. Sometimes marketing firms can be opaque about the two and the difference between them. But it’s pretty simple: the first is mostly about look, and the second mostly deals with meaning. While a clever logo can tell a story, and well-designed text can paint a picture, these are the general categories.

Visual Branding

The artistic aspects of a brand. A logo serves as a cornerstone, but there’s a lot more than that, Color schemes, document design, and the visual language of the site and advertisements all play their role.

Message Branding

The messaging and company philosophy that craft a coherent voice for your brand. This crosses into content creation, including taglines, slogans, and strategic glossaries.

How will this help me?

Think of a company, any company.

We’re flattered, but try something other than Sugar Apple Marketing.

What came to mind first? Perhaps Nike and their iconic “swoosh?” The famed golden arches of McDonald’s? Maybe the abstract but familiar stylings of an automobile manufacturer? All these companies have one thing in common.

They leap to mind because of exceptional branding.

Your brand is the first and most memorable way your company speaks to the world. But it’s not just like these companies sketched out a logo and plastered it all over their buildings. No, they had to work at building their brand, by refining their corporate voice (“Just do it.” “I’m lovin’ it.”) and carefully defining where and when their designs should be used.

What will you do?

We combine the entire process of brand development into a single holistic approach. We’re happy to do some graphic design, or create a logo for you. Check out our prices below. But if you let us create a truly unique brand identity for you, you will have a voice all your own.

sketches of a logo

Here’s a quick rundown of our process.

Start by determining your core values and strategic goals.

  • What is it you want to accomplish?
  • What does your company¬†mean?
  • How do you differ from the competition?
  • What makes you great?
  • Who are you selling your products to?

Next, research your clients, your competition, and your business.

  • Verify that this view of your company is shared
  • Test out various styles with control groups
  • Consider what the competition is doing and how to stand out
  • Determine the best visual and textual language for the brand

Draft brand documents.

  • Create a memorable, elegant logo
  • Develop a brand glossary of terms that advance the goals
  • Craft the brand’s visual language (shapes, colors, fonts, layout)
  • Combine these ideas into the brand book

Iterate through the draft brand identity.

  • Get feedback from you, your employees, and clients
  • Test with your audience
  • Review strategic goals and adjust accordingly
  • Revise the brand book with this feedback

Follow up and finalize.

  • Train employees to adhere to the style and the brand identity
  • Determine whether the content is meeting strategic goals
  • Finalize the brand identity and deliver final product

Take the next step

Graphic Design
For any print or web design needs faced by your company or site.


  • Website images and graphics
  • Animated sequences
  • Advertising for print and web
  • 24/7 communication
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Logo/Wordmark Design
A logo or wordmark designed for your company or site, just like you imagined it.


  • Iterative design process
  • SVG vector file delivery
  • 2 revisions after sketch acceptance
  • 24/7 communication
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Brand Identity
For businesses looking for a coherent visual voice for their web and print presence.

(starting at)

  • Capture your voice
  • Logo and Brand Book included
  • Identity training
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