Photography and Video

Whether it’s a professional picture of your team, your product, or your inspiration, a photo is a powerful way to connect to potential customers. If you’re an unproven business or a well-established one, nothing demonstrates your abilities more than a photo.

Royalty-Free Photography

We search high and low to find sharp, on-brand photos that fit your needs. Royalty-free 3rd-party photos are a fast and cost-effective solution when commissioning an original work is impractical. We have the legal and professional experience to determine which can be used without licensing worries. We can happily stick to public domain and freely licensed photos where requested to keep costs even lower. For $10/photo, we’ll assemble a collection of photos for your use or incorporate it into a larger project.

Original Photography

If you need to update your business photos or you don’t have any in the first place, we can help. Schedule a shoot and we’ll cover your products, your employees, and your facility. You’ll get a collection of curated and tastefully edited photos for whatever purposes you need. Due to the expensive equipment and need to travel, photo shoots are billed $70/hour, higher than our standard hourly rate.


Allen has more than five years of professional videography experience. From weddings to orchestral concert recordings to corporate training seminars, he’s built a stylistic repertoire to make your project shine. Contact us to discuss your project, timelines, and goals, and we’ll work up a detailed proposal and an estimate of the total project cost. We’ll put this experience to work bringing your creative vision to life, suitable for teaching, promotions, advertising, and more.


Royalty-Free Compliation
The cost-effective, curated solution for website or promotional photography.


  • Beautiful clear messaging
  • Handpicked for your brand
  • Vetted for copyright status
  • Optimized for your medium
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Original Photography
For small businesses and individuals who want top quality, professional photography services.


  • 10+ years of experience
  • Professional setup
  • Print or Web suitable
  • Customizable delivery options
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Video Production
Professional videography services for individuals and businesses.


  • HD (1080p60f) Product
  • Unified Design from filming to post
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Iterated through your feedback
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Our Work

Allen and David are both avid photographers- here is a sample of their work. View the full gallery here.

Pictures on this page are copyrighted by Allen Shoff or David Prichard; they are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. If you wish to have some of the license terms waived or purchase a full-resolution copy, get in touch.

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