Current List of Prices

Web Design

Service Cost
Simple Website $585
Additional Web Pages $65/page
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Website Hosting and Maintenance

Service Cost
Basic Hosting $15/month
Standard Hosting $25/month
Enhanced Hosting $50/month
Maintained $125/month
Updated $300/month
Managed $550/month

Content Creation

Service Cost
Single Logo $100
Full Logo Set $250
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Service Cost
Google or Facebook Campaign Management 15% of advertising spend
Alternate Campaign Management 20% of advertising spend (usually less!)
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Last Updated: January 12, 2019

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How does our pricing work?


As of February 2019, our standard hourly rate is $65, with rush orders billed at $90/hour. The standard rate applies to the vast majority of our hourly work and guides our estimates and fixed prices.


A quote is essentially the estimated number of hours it would take for us to complete a project, multiplied by our hourly rate, plus any direct expenses. It is also a kind of guarantee: if we exceed the estimate, the hours after are charged at a reduced rate of $35 per hour. It is also a guarantee for us. We ask for 40% of the price up front, with the rest due at completion. This limits risk for both our customers and ourselves.


Monthly costs apply primarily to hosting and maintenance tasks, and represent a combination of our direct costs (the hardware and energy to run a website) and a commitment to maintenance work.