Fast. Secure. Reliable.


Once you have a website, it needs a home.

Just like your family, your website needs a home that is stable, secure, and affordable. Hosting provides the physical storage space and connection to the internet that a website needs for your customers to visit it.

We offer worry-free managed hosting—we keep everything updated, monitor the site for problems, and respond quickly when an issue is detected. 

Monthly Plans

We host and refresh your site’s content with new events and other small updates to keep it useful and timely.

But whether you choose hosting or maintenance, we offer the same basis level of service. Many other providers consider these add-ons or opt-in services, but we believe that quality demands our level of care.


TLS Encryption

A secure server isn’t a “perk” or “add-on”, but absolutely essential. We’ll secure your site so your customers and visitors can browse without fear.

WordPress Install

WordPress is a very popular content management system. We pre-install WordPress on our servers so you can quickly get running.


Software Updates

Servers run hundreds of different programs and components. We use the  most recent stable versions, protecting your site from vulnerabilities.


Traffic Monitoring

We monitor your site’s health with a variety of sophisticated tools, heading off trouble before it starts and watching potentially malicious visitors.

Daily Backups

We perform daily, offsite backups of our servers so we can restore your backup within minutes, getting you functional as quickly as possible.

Transparent Prices

No “introductory rate” nonsense here. What do you think we are, a telecom? We offer competitive pricing that is what it is, no gimmicks.

24/7 Support

Although they’re rare, outages can happen. Our whole team receives notifications of any outages and promptly works to restore service.

Multiple Locations

We can host your server in a variety of locations around the United States and world. The closer you are to customers, the faster their experience.

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