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Every business needs a website.

Twenty years ago it wasn’t necessary for companies to have a website. Now every individual and business needs a site.

Without a site, your business risks throwing away an enormous amount of business. Whether you’re looking to set up an eCommerce store to sell merchandise online, or want an easy place for customers to find information about your business, good news:

We’re here to help.

We have years of experience building beautiful websites for our clients. Want to see more? Check out our portfolio to see some of what we’ve built for clients around the country.

Featured Work

Hayden Law is one of The Local Law Group’s four locations in north Idaho, focusing on business law and estate planning. Sugar Apple Marketing designed the web site, manages the regular legal advice blog, updates content on the site, and runs the firm’s marketing.

And every website needs these four essential features.


Speed is important for any website. Research shows that waiting just a few seconds will discourage you audience, while those on slow connections—like public wireless internet or rural 3G—may struggle to connect at all.

We make fast websites by doing our work carefully and well. Services such as Google Pagespeed, YSlow, GTMetrix, and Dotcom-Monitor will test a website for you automatically. Feel free to see how our site loads with any of those services—and take a look at our competitors, too!


While many website owners assume they are too small to be targeted by hackers, the truth is most attacks are automated and indiscriminate.

We use Let’s Encrypt certificates to ensure traffic from your server is private and tamperproof, We follow best practices to make your server as hardened as possible, and most importantly, offer free automatic backups so that any damage can be quickly restored.

You can check an audit of this site’s encryption with SSL Labs.


A “responsive” website is one that changes its layout to match the size of the screen viewing it. This is important because, for almost every website, half or more of your visitors will be using a phone or other mobile device.

Our websites adjust their layout to gracefully use the available space. If you’re using a desktop browser, resize the screen to make it wider or narrower to see how it works!

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