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Community Marketing

Engaging with local and online communities through social media and other online outlets can be more effective and less expensive than direct advertising. Small businesses in particular can earn substantial goodwill through social media. This, however, takes a lot of time—time you need to spend creating your product or performing your service.

This is where we come in. We can develop a plan for you to follow or reach out to potential customers on your behalf. By working with you, we’ll find new ways to promote your business and expand your audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Every website we design is made with SEO in mind, but we also offer it as a separate service for businesses happy with their web design, but not their web traffic.

Fundamentally, SEO means we consider how search engines see your site in addition to your human audience. This includes a wide variety of optimizations and fixes. Some of these fixes include changes to the site’s “metadata”—normally hidden information meant for browsers and robots. We re-write the site’s copy so search engines can parse and categorize it. Finally, improving the site’s security and performance increase a search engine’s judgment of a site’s quality. All these fixes are combined together by the search engine algorithm, and increase a site’s ranking in search results.

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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising may seem simple, but it’s anything but. Google and Bing are the primary resources for keyword-driven advertising online. However, other providers like Facebook have ad platforms that may interest certain businesses.

We delve deep into your business and what services or goods you provide. Using this information, we develop the best keywords for driving traffic to your site. Optimizing your search ranking position comes next. We write unique, informative articles to organically develop additional leads. Researching your competitors and historical trends helps us tweak your campaigns for maximum efficacy.

Two ways to be effective

Effective online advertising is about knowing your customers, and knowing how to run an efficient ad campaign.

Know your audience

Established businesses know more about their customers than we do. We need to know where your most valuable clients come from and what attracts them to your business. We can then tailor our ads to capture their interest. This produces efficient ad campaigns with a lower cost-per-click (the price you pay for each successful ad). We often start by casting a broad net, which brings in a wealth of analytics and data. With that data, we narrow the scope of our advertisements. Our ads can then target the customers that offer the best return for your advertising budget.

Run efficient, long-term campaigns

Online ad platforms—particularly Facebook and Google—have become more sophisticated than ever. Every month a campaign is active, we will gain valuable insight into your customers and what interests them. The end goal is the conversion: getting the customer to buy your product or call your business. We continue to adjust and improve on ad campaigns as they run. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to changing trends, as well as continually expanding your customer base.


Social Media Promotion
Engaging with your customers by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.


  • Weekly engagement campaigns
  • Rapid responses to customers
  • Cross-platform social media reach
  • Monthly engagement reports
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Search Engine Optimization
Designing and optimizing your site to inform both your customers and search engines.


  • Keyword optimization
  • Research of competitor position
  • Weekly unique articles
  • Monthly audit report and site fixes
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Paid Advertising
Creating and managing pay-per-click campaigns to drive new client acquisition.


  • SEO included for highest impact
  • Positional optimization
  • Competitor tracking
  • Monthly campaign efficacy reports
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Think a competitor has us beat?

We’re confident in the quality of our product and the fairness of our prices. If you can find an agency that you think does something better or cheaper, we’ll work with you to provide a competitive price and superior product.

Other Marketing Services

If you’re interested in a service you don’t see or have questions, give us a call. We’re always willing to adjust our services to meet your needs.

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